Frequently Asked Questions

This is the FAQ, any questions contact us on

whatsapp:+8618892693143,You can also scan the code, or click the link


how to calculate shipping?
1:Provide the specific address, zip code,
2:we will check with the international freight forwarder
3:Freight is charged by international freight forwarder

how to buy?
1:First confirm the shipping cost
2:Then trade on Alibaba International Station

Can 100KG weight play??
Design load 120KG
Add pontoon load 200KG

warranty ?
1:one year warranty for the whole machine (half a year warranty for water lease)
2:During the period, free accessories and online guidance will be provided. We will pay for the freight

What should I do if I don’t need it after purchase?
1:Due to the high cost of international shipping
2:Our solution is
Second hand resale in your local area
3: We provide you with resale customers
4::second-hand is very easy to sell

How to ship and how long will it take?
1:Shipping from China
2:General shipping 300-800USD
Air freight 600-1500USD
3:Europe and America 40 days
4:Asia 10-20 days
5:other please consult

how long can play ?
About 1 hour,
novices can play for 3 hours,
because it is easy to fall into the water

how long to charge?
There are fast and slow charging options
1:Fast charge for 3 hours(Add 50USD)
2:Slow charge for 6 hours

can i play in sea water?
just rinse with fresh water after the end,
and spray the metal parts with anti-rust agent

What are the battery parameters?
Ternary lithium battery, the battery cell adopts SK Korea

The difference between the products?
The key is the material
1: ES2301.ABS material, durable and anti-fall
2: ES2302.EPP material, lightweight and convenient
3: ES0802. Calcium carbonate, cooler and harder
4: ES0803. Calcium carbonate, cooler and harder
See our comparison table for details