RUSH WAVE | Electric Surfboard | 12KW | EPP | ES02402

Sale price$3,500.00

Our electric surfboard is designed for precise control, featuring a small turning radius and the ability to make on-the-spot U-turns. Navigate the waves with unparalleled agility.

Advanced EPP Solid-Core Material

Our electric surfboard features cutting-edge EPP solid-core material that prevents seawater ingress, enhancing durability while keeping the board lightweight for superior maneuverability.

Master Every Move

Thanks to countless hydrodynamic tests, our surfboard offers unmatched flexibility, allowing for easy maneuvers like on-the-spot U-turns and 360° tail spins. Experience the freedom to execute any move with simplicity and precision.

Power Meets Convenience

Our surfboard features a modular design, making maintenance a breeze. Every component can be easily removed for quick repairs or upgrades. This simple yet powerful structure ensures our product is not only user-friendly but also among the most robust on the market.

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