RUSH WAVE | Gasoline Powered Surfboard | 106CC | Carbon Fiber

Sale price$4,350.00

This is a 106CC gasoline-powered motorized surfboard with a maximum speed of 58KM/H.

 Jet surfboards are easier to refuel, lighter and more powerful.

Equipped with a self-developed 106CC engine, our surfboard offers robust power, enabling you to glide across the water with speed and ease.

106CC Strong Heart

Experience the thrill of continuous surfing with our power surfboard, equipped with a potent 106CC engine. This high-performance engine delivers robust power, ensuring exhilarating rides across any water surface. Dive into the waves with unmatched strength and enjoy surfing like never before.

Lightweight And Strength

Our surfboard features a carbon fiber shell, known for its exceptional strength and lightweight properties. This advanced material enhances the board's durability while ensuring agile and responsive handling on the water. Experience the perfect balance of robustness and maneuverability with our cutting-edge design.

Master Every Move

Thanks to countless hydrodynamic tests, our surfboard offers unmatched flexibility, allowing for easy maneuvers like on-the-spot U-turns and 360° tail spins. Experience the freedom to execute any move with simplicity and precision.

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